Caroline Buchanan
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Extreme Athlete
Canberra, Australia
October 24, 1990

Caroline Buchanan classifies herself as more than a cyclist – though her passion for anything with two wheels is what drives the dream.
An athlete, business woman, social media influencer, mentor, proud advocate for women in sport and reality television tragic, World Champion and Olympian Caroline has been ear marked as one of the new guard of Australian Athlete.

Her down to earth attitude makes her one of the most approachable Australian sportswomen, despite having achieved six elite World Championships and twenty Australian National titles over three cycling disciplines.

Equally at home dodging trees downhill in the mud on a mountain bike, or flying over jumps on a BMX bike, Caroline has dominated both cycling disciplines, and she gets just as much enjoyment teaching two year olds how to navigate their very first turn on the track on a balance bike.
Whether she spends her day in the gym or in front of a TV camera, presenting to a corporate crowd or striking a pose for a fashion photographer, Caroline brings passion and persistence in her pursuit of perfection.


Caroline has broken new ground by offering an insight to her personal and professional life through multiple social media platforms, as well as regularly representing herself on national television programs such as The Today Show, Sunrise, Cycling Central, Fox Sports, Full Cycle and countless newspaper pieces and national radio broadcasts.

Off the track, she delights in the opportunity to embrace a double life for professional photoshoots and has been featured in interviews in industry and lifestyle print media publications such as Womens Health, Marie Claire, InStyle, Dolly and the Harley Davidson Magazine to name a but a few.

Caroline has co-produced a series of professional ‘Webisodes’, released via her YouTube Channel, in which she represents both herself, her sponsors and her sport. ‘Buchanan On Air’ and the ‘SIX-8’ series bring her fans along for the ride of life on the road, racing, and the highs and lows of life as a professional athlete. These have each been made into documentaries that have featured on the Fox Sports channels and airlines such as KLM, Air New Zealand and United.
Her social media following of over 200,000+ allows her to engage and be motivated by her fans on a daily basis, as well as actively and passively promoting her sponsors – blue chip and small business alike.

With her ever present smile and bubbly personality, Caroline is recognised and respected for her achievements, her passions, versatility, dedication and individuality.


Life's Moments & Inspirations

My greatest achievement has been... My greatest achievement so far has been winning 8 world championship titles and competing in 2 Olympic Games in London and Rio.
My biggest inspiration is... My biggest inspiration is personal Progression, chasing the daily Wins and I’m inspired by Champion athletes who I believe are the modern day superheroes.
My next ambition is... To continue coming back from injury where at the beginning of 2018 I woke up in ICU with 2 double collapsed lungs, a broken nose, a broken sternum and bleeding around my heart. My drive and dedication currently in rebuilding my body and mind and being back on the frontline of my sport is driving me daily to be my best.
My people describe me as... Passionate diverse, multi 2 wheels athlete paving the way for the next generation of action sport women.
How I relax is... Cuddles with my French bulldog, Cosmo.
My advice to the young athletes starting out is... Follow your idols on social media, emulate them and the traits you like, but also be unique and pave your own way to the top! Ride lots of bikes (bmx and mountain bikes) and build your diversity. This has been my strength and biggest asset!