Atita Verghese

Atita Verghese
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Extreme Athlete

Atita is the most prominent and influential female skateboarder from India. She started skating when she was 19 years old and quickly evolved into a professional skateboarder using her voice to constantly raise awareness for female skateboarding not only in India but globally. STANLEY is proud to support Atita succeeding personally and on her journey to help others excel.

Atita Verghese

Life's Moments & Inspirations

My greatest achievement has been... When I organized the Girl Skate India Tour in 2015 with girls from 9 different countries who came for it and we resourced it all by ourselves. From finances to the creatives and the promotions it was all self sustained and self organized which is what made it so epic. There were 13 girls on a bus touring spots in India giving skateboard and skate yoga workshops and we also built our own quarter pipe in my home city of Bangalore.
My biggest inspiration is... My inspiration comes from very different places and people. I think it's the people I know personally and have a connection with that make the most impact naturally. It's hard to pick a biggest one when you're open to being inspired by anything really.
My next ambition is... I want to get better at skateboarding and recover fully from my ankle injury and film a part finally. I also want to do more tours and bring more female skateboarders to India!
My people describe me as... Hmm I'm not too sure but from what I hear it's about being that one Indian girl who can skate and build things. It totally depends on who you ask I guess but some of my friends think I'm the hardest working girl in concrete that they know. I could still learn a lot though but it's super nice to hear positive feedback.
How I relax is... I like to put on some music and learn the lyrics, especially fast rap music. Also stretching gets me relaxed too.
My advice to the young athletes starting out is... If you let something stop you from doing great things you will regret it, imagine whatever you want for yourself and then start doing the work to get it, don't care about what people say and don't forget to have fun!