More Sustainable Products

person using dewalt battery system to power the ford and 3m air-purifying respirators

Inspired by our purpose, we are actively working to make the world more sustainable through our innovative products and services. Through our work, we aim to improve the environmental and societal impacts of our products across their lifecycle, including design, use and end-of-life.

Products with Purpose (PWP)

Our “Products with Purpose” are defined as:

  1. Contributing to UN Sustainable Development Goal targets
  2. Addressing unmet societal needs within the Social Progress Index
  3. Achieving a level of innovation that exceeds incremental improvement

Electrification Products

man wearing ppe while using the dewalt cordless roofing nailer (dcn45rn)

The first lithium-ion roofing nailer on the market, the DCN45RN increases efficiency and productivity, and reduces setup and cleanup time, making it ideal for service repairs and small jobs on a professional residential construction site. Roofing pros can save up to 20 minutes a day in setup/cleanup time by switching from a pneumatic nailer, eliminating the need—and the emissions—of having a gas compressor and its trip-hazard hoses on-site.

person using a facom tool to fasten a license plate onto a vehicle

STANLEY Engineering Fastening has earned a series of functional plastics wins in the electric vehicle space. Tesla has adopted our custom designed fascia brackets for the rear wings of the Model S, building on our earlier success with similar brackets for the Model Y. We are also supplying all brake line clips for the Tesla European Model Y. For Rivian, we worked start to finish on the design of the Amazon Prime van. Our functional plastic brackets help align and assemble the front fascia, grill, hood, bolsters and doors—and drive real-world savings at the assembly line which helps to make lower emissions transportation accessible to more people.

Digital Solutions

representation of the surehand app

Surehand is the unlimited hiring platform for the skilled industrial trades that supports our efforts to Empower Makers. Workers download the app and create an industry-specialized, trade-specific profile including detailed skills, certifications and licensure and instantly get matched with best-fit jobs. For employers, it is a zero variable cost, "all you can hire" model (no monthly posting fees or placement commissions) allowing unlimited talent searches and direct hires. By shifting from transactional to continuous talent sourcing with Surehand, employers save both time and money, engaging active and passive industrial candidates and focusing on talent acquisition efforts to rapidly build and engage a short list of skilled tradespeople perfectly matched to their open positions or project requirements both near and long-term.

deephow logo

DeepHow is the only AI-enabled knowledge transfer tool for the manual trades. It allows companies to scale up their job shadow training program using rich, interactive video in minutes. With DeepHow, companies can record their own experts doing real work, create a reusable reference library of content (in multiple languages) and, most importantly, do it in minutes, without special equipment or video tech skills. This product accelerates the upskill process, which is another way to help close the skills gap.

Products Supporting More Sustainable End User Behavior

black+decker furniture assembly tool (fat) screwdriver with innovative chuck

This screwdriver with an innovative chuck design allows the grasping of common furniture assembly tools such as Allen wrenches, helping drive our end users toward more sustainable “Ready to Assemble” (RTA) furniture options. This type of furniture reduces transportation emissions by optimizing the packaging, and a major retailer in the space is committed to the sustainable sourcing of materials for this furniture.

Products Supporting Pandemic Response

person looking at camera wearing ppe

This collaboration between Ford, 3M and Stanley Black & Decker came together quickly to create portable respirators to support the response to COVID-19. Ford contributed the blower and handled the final assembly, 3M supplied the air filter and we provided the DEWALT batteries and charger as well as design input on a custom wiring harness.

graco cordless disinfectant sprayer

The worldwide emergence of COVID-19 has rapidly created the need for higher productivity on all disinfectant jobs. This ultimate portable disinfectant sprayer solution delivers maximum productivity on smaller disinfecting jobs. Built with the highest-grade compatible materials, it sprays up to 20 ounces per minute, delivering consistent edge-to-edge coverage without heavy drips and runs.

person cleaning their hands using dynamic green products (dgp) stanley-branded hand sanitizer gel

Building on our Techstars partnership with Dynamic Green Products (DGP), a bio-based producer of eco-friendly high-performance solutions, we launched a new line of FDA-listed hand sanitizer gel to help combat COVID-19. Under the STANLEY® brand, the hand sanitizer is being sold online at, as well as other leading retail outlets. The gel is made from a unique, plant-based thickener and 72% ethyl alcohol, killing 99.99% of germs, and is independently tested by a microbiology lab.

As part of our commitment to keeping our employees safe throughout the pandemic and doing our part to help communities mitigate the effects of the virus, Stanley Black & Decker distributed the hand sanitizer in each of our facilities around the globe. In addition, we donated $100,000 worth of the hand sanitizer to those in critical need at senior living facilities through STANLEY Healthcare.

stanley engineered fastening cartridges for covid-19 tests

This disruptive innovation in medical cartridge technology from STANLEY Engineered Fastening is a first-generation product targeted to serve people who live in rural areas with no access to the sophisticated technology required to perform many diagnostic tests. The initial target: over 800 million people in rural India, 60% of the country’s population. The ability to take the test to the patient—point of care diagnostics—can dramatically reduce the spread of contagions. Accuracy levels are comparable to alternative methods that require million-dollar equipment, state-of-the-art, temperature-controlled facilities and highly trained technicians. The versatile product, WHO certified, is easy to use with minimal training. It can handle multiple biological specimens (blood, saliva, etc.) and is therefore applicable to a wide variety of tests, but its first widespread use is in combating the COVID-19 pandemic. Widely used in India, the product is scheduled for deployment in over a dozen countries on three continents in 2021.

gloved hand using stanley healthcare proximity management / contact tracing solution

For years, STANLEY Healthcare has offered real-time location systems (RTLS) for people and equipment. At the outset of the pandemic, we looked for solutions to mitigate the spread and impact of COVID-19. This resulted in significant innovative improvements to our RTLS offerings, adding contact tracing, advanced reporting to support safer workplace design and policies, and upgraded tags that can promote social distancing through vibration. In less than 3 months, the product achieved first sale and is being used to help keep our facilities open and employees safe.