Zero Waste to Landfill Across Our Operations by 2030

people cleaning up trash

We are proud to report that 53 of our manufacturing and distribution sites have achieved Zero Waste to Landfill (ZWTL) status.

Zero Waste to Landfill 2023 Target

In 2020, we saw several of our manufacturing and distribution centers lose their ZWTL status. Although every effort was made to ensure ongoing compliance, 2020 brought with it some unforeseen circumstances. Despite this setback, we fully expect that with management system enhancements and third-party support and assurance, together with sharing of best management practices, we will achieve our 2023 interim goal of 60% of operations to achieve ZWTL status.

60% Target

MFG/DC sites to become ZWTL by the end of 2023*

*Approved through internal governance management system. Sites that declared ZWTL status in 2020 could have previously sent waste to landfill up to the date of declaration.

Wendeng Sludge Project

Our site in Wendeng, China completed three projects in 2020 that resulted in 450,000 lbs. of waste being diverted away from landfill. One project diverted sludge from landfill to incineration, the residual from which was subsequently used as aggregate.

stanley black & decker manufacturing facility in wendeng, china
stanley black & decker wendeng, china facility sludge project process flow. plating sludge to dryer equipment to rotary kiln roasting to oxide powder and separate metal blocks to metal bricks and shipment

Stanfield Engineered Fastening Plant achieves ZWTL Status

Our Stanfield Engineered Fastening Plant in the U.S. achieved ZWTL status in 2020. By increasing employee awareness and engagement, and the implementation of waste stream segregation, their waste management vendor was able to clearly identify opportunities to divert waste away from landfill. These efforts saw a further 33 tons of waste being diverted away from landfill in 2020.

stanley engineered fastening employees celebrate achieving zero waste to landfill status in 2020 at the stanfield facility