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solar panels on roof of manufacturing facility

At Stanley Black & Decker, our commitment to environmental sustainability remains core to the way we operate, particularly with regard to climate, waste and water.

Our 2030 targets of becoming better than carbon neutral (what we call carbon positive), achieving zero waste to landfill (ZWTL) and ensuring sustainable water use across our operations continues to reflect our long-standing commitment to make a lasting, positive change for our communities and the world.

Sustainability is a fundamental part of our culture, as demonstrated through our support of and alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We work actively toward cleaner water, minimizing waste generation and landfilling, and reducing our greenhouse gas emissions to lessen climate risk and find climate opportunity.

Our 2030 Goals for Sustainability

Go Beyond Carbon Neutral Across Our Operations by 2030 (Carbon Positive)

chart of stanley black & decker goal to go beyond carbon neutral across operations by 2030 (carbon positive) Scope 1: Mobile & Stationary 
Scope 2: Purchased Electricity Non-recast Recast* SCIENCE-BASED TARGET 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 …2030 500,000 400,000 300,000 200,000 100,000 0 mT CO2e SBTI Baseline

*Recast accounts for acquisition, consolidation and divestment

YoY Emissions Reduction Breakdown

chart of stanley black & decker's year over year emissions reduction breakdown 64% 23% Mobile Scope 1 Stationary Scope 1 13% Projects

Manufacturing & Distribution Centers (MFG | DC) that Declared Zero Waste To Landfill (ZWTL) Status by End of 2020**

chart of stanley black & decker's manufacturing & distribution centers (mfg/dc) that declared zero waste to landfill (zwtl) status by end of 2020 36% MFG | DC ZWTL SITES

**Approved through internal governance management system. Sites that declared ZWTL status in 2020 could have previously sent waste to landfill up to the date of declaration.

Action Toward Goal***

Go Beyond Carbon Neutral Operations (Carbon Positive)
By 2030, we aim to reduce our operational carbon emissions to zero and eliminate additional emissions through means of carbon capture, such as carbon removal and other mitigation technologies.

Sustainable Water Use
We aim to use water sustainably wherever we do business. We are identifying water risks and setting context-based targets that address site-specific concerns in each river basin, a key consideration due to localized water availability and risk.

Zero Waste to Landfill
We continue to work toward achieving zero waste to landfill (ZWTL) across our daily, direct operations (one-off construction and other events may be excluded). We encourage waste minimization, reuse and recycling in all instances as reflected in our 2023 interim goals.

***Note: Our 2030 CSR Carbon | Water | Waste goals exclude those Factory Outlets | Service Centers | Offices where we are unable to directly influence the purchase of energy, water and disposal of waste due to tenant or other status.