Empowering Our People

woman in grey shirt wearing ppe while working at a stanley black & decker facility

We invest in and foster a highly engaged workforce in a collaborative and connected environment where our people feel heard, valued and positioned to do their best work every day.

53K+ employees in 60+ countries

~2/3 hourly, 1/3 salaried

Health, Safety and Well-Being

A healthy workforce is a thriving workforce. We encourage and help our employees to be the best versions of themselves through our “Healthy for Life” program and other initiatives designed to promote physical, financial, emotional and work well-being. In 2020, this included a heightened focus on supporting mental health. Employees in the U.S. and their household members can access confidential counseling and support services to assist with mental health, substance abuse, stress, work-related issues, relationships, financial coaching and more.

As part of our COVID-19 response, we also have provided employees and their families direct assistance and vital information through this difficult period, including PPE for personal use, financial assistance to those in need and guidance on how to keep their homes and daily lives safe.

collage of employees working at the stanley black & decker facility in charlotte, nc while wearing ppe and practicing covid-19 safety

Skill Mobility

We support employees at all levels of the organization in developing their skills and careers. We also support our people as their workplace and tasks evolve. In our manufacturing sector, we see Industry 4.0 as an opportunity to reskill and/or upskill our people so they can thrive through change. Our new internal Vocational Leadership Program aims to provide opportunities to early-career employees focused on skills.

Digital Learning on Coursera and Percipio

While many of our employees were working remotely as a result of the pandemic, we offered the opportunity for increased digital learning by providing access to platforms including Coursera and Percipio. We have more than 2,000 active members on these platforms.

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2020 Learning Year in Review
22,100 Course Hours
1,182 Course Completions
  1. Data
  2. Leadership & Management
  3. Communication
  4. Strategy & Operations
  5. Mathematics
25,867 Lessons
17,724 Courses
422 Audio Books
16,940 Videos
705 E-Books
1,297 Course Completions
  1. Coaching
  2. Personal Productivity
  3. Professional Performance
  4. Project Management
  5. Business Communication
12,760 Lessons


Employees can apply discreetly for the Helping Our Makers in Emergencies (HOME) Fund designed to support those who are facing financial hardship or have been impacted by a disaster. Administered by an independent organization, HOME helps provide assistance to employees in need. During the initial outbreak of the pandemic, we established an Immediate Response Program that helped provide $300 directly to employees who had challenges meeting food, shelter or safety needs because of COVID-19. With this response program, we have supported more than 4,300 employees with $1.3 million.

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2:1 Match

In response to recent events, including the pandemic, Stanley Black & Decker began matching, two to one, employee contributions to not-for-profit organizations around the globe. We support our employees in making a difference in their own communities. We also provide volunteer opportunities for our employees to give back to the organizations that matter most to them.

group of people wearing masks holding a large check from stanley black & decker to a not-for-profit organization