Empower Makers

employees working at a stanley black & decker manufacturing facility while wearing ppe

We are committed to helping our employees and communities, particularly the next generation, gain the skills and expertise needed to thrive in this changing world.

The nature of work and jobs keeps changing, driven by industrial and technological innovations, but also by transformative events such as the global pandemic and even the looming threat of dislocations brought about by climate change. Globally, 10 million jobs in manufacturing remain unfilled due to skill gaps. We are uniquely positioned to help.

Our 2030 Goal for Empowering Makers

Empower 10 million makers and creators by 2030

graph for stanley black & decker's 2030 goal to empower 10 million makers and creators by 2030 2030 10,000,000 Upskilling Our Employee Base Empowering Makers Through Large-Scale Partnerships People Empowered Year 2018 2019 2020 671,838 1,815,960 203,230

2020 Cumulative Empowered Breakdown

chart of stanley black & decker's 2020 cumulative empowered breakdown 1,764,917 45,618 2,050 Employee Career Mobility 3,375 STEAM Education Vocational and Trade Skills Makerspace Training

Actions to Goals

Employee Career Mobility
Prepare employees for career mobility relevant for Industry 4.0 by supporting their upskilling and repurposing.

STEAM Education
Enable people to access STEAM education and training to improve livelihoods and help support the workforce of tomorrow.

Vocational and Trade Skills
Help people develop cutting-edge vocational and trade skills.

Makerspace Training
Enrich the education, creativity and hands-on job experience of people through makerspaces around the world.