Guiding Our Actions

At Stanley Black & Decker, we have always been firmly committed to strong governance and our business culture is rooted in ethical behavior.

Please refer to our Proxy, which includes additional disclosures explaining how our governance and compensation practices are linked to the corporate vision, strategy and long-term financial objectives.

Our Corporate Values

We aim to be bold and agile, yet thoughtful and disciplined. Knowing that each of us influences our company’s success, we aspire to make a positive difference in the world.

Our Values and Culture
stanley black & decker employees representing our corporate values. courage & innovation, we are bold to break the mold. agility & performance, we cut through challenges. inclusivity & collaboration, we join forces for sustainability. integrity & accountability, we are reliable to the core.

A Message From Our Chairman George W. Buckley

"On behalf of Stanley Black & Decker’s Board of Directors, thank you for your continued investment in the Company. I am honored to work with my colleagues on the Board to ensure that the Company is managed with integrity and strong corporate governance to optimize value for all our shareholders."
Chairman’s Full Letter
george w. buckley - chairman, stanley black & decker