Responding to COVID-19

six employees wearing ppe standing at covid-19 safety assembly stations as stanley black & decker facility in charlotte, nc

When the COVID-19 pandemic began to spread around the world, we quickly mobilized our global organization to protect our people and partners, and to help first responders, relief organizations and our many communities in their response. Stakeholder capitalism took center stage as businesses, governments and communities alike began to grapple with our natural codependencies during a pandemic.

Our first priority was ensuring the health and safety of our employees. From the beginning of the pandemic, we implemented critical safety measures and guided our employees on how to keep themselves and their families safe, both inside and outside of work. In 2020, we held three global Safety Timeouts in our manufacturing and distribution centers, halting production across the globe to review COVID-19 safety practices and procedures. Our employees who could work remotely were directed to do so, and all travel was halted. An executive safety committee was created to manage our COVID-19 response, track each confirmed employee COVID-19 case to resolution and approve any public travel, meetings or re-occupancy, including specifying enhanced PPE, meeting layout specifications and modes of transit. To support our essential workers in field service, distribution and manufacturing operations, we mobilized our Strategic Sourcing team to create and implement a digitized global PPE ordering and distribution process covering masks, sanitizer and equipment necessary for health screening. All of our global locations immediately implemented mandatory health screening for employees and any essential visitors, including temperature checks, and set up social distancing through facility redesign or, where this was not possible, the installation of barriers.

Next, we ensured the continuity of our operations to serve our customers, made sure we maintained financial stability, and did our part to help mitigate the spread and impact of the virus in our communities. As a result of the protective measures implemented and continuous adherence, we have not had any of our manufacturing or distribution centers closed due to COVID-19. We have also innovated a remote, virtual audit process to ensure adherence with our expectations for protective measures, health screening, contact tracing, the use of PPE and social distancing measures. The audits result in a score which can be improved through instituting additional enhanced protective measures. Our team has coached all audited operations to a score of above 90%.

To make a difference in our communities, we established a comprehensive COVID-19 response program in alignment with our purpose—For Those Who Make The World™—harnessing our expertise, innovation, and financial and operational resources. We doubled our charitable contributions, with a particular focus on food scarcity and healthcare services, matching all employee donations 2-for-1. We established an emergency relief program for employees severely impacted by the virus, and provided any employee that requested it, PPE for their personal and family’s use. Our supply chain team helped acquire critical PPE for frontline healthcare workers and first responders. Throughout the year, we committed more than $10 million for global pandemic relief efforts.

And we never stopped working to be a force for good in the world.