Maker Month - Richard


Why did you become a technician?

I enjoy being at the forefront of technology. This profession mixes all types of technology – communications, IT, electronics – I love that it’s the fusion of these coming together.

“I enjoy being at the forefront of technology.”

What do you like most about your job?

I’m like a detective! I get called to a job where there’s a problem and it’s my job to investigate and diagnose that issue. And most of the problems that I see are different. So you have to be open-minded in order to think through the possible solutions. At the end of the day, it’s very rewarding to be able to help customers in this sense.

“You have to be open-minded in order to think through the possible solutions.”

How did you get into the field?

I’ve personally always been in technology. I studied electronics and networking, then I worked for a computer company, a security company, and now STANLEY Security. It took many years of training, but I love what I do, so it hasn’t felt difficult to me at all.


What surprises you about this career?

I would say that I never expected so much of the job to be about customer service. But you meet so many people in this industry from all walks of life. You have to be able to get along with all of your customers because ultimately, that will help you solve the problem faster.


What advice do you have for anyone considering this career?

You really have to have high standards and be very disciplined. On top of that, it helps to be good at math, English, IT, and of course, be interested in technology.