Business As Usual? Not Exactly...

We may be one of the most established corporations in the world, but that doesn’t mean the spirit of a startup isn’t alive and well. Take it from those jump-starting new product development and accelerating growth opportunities within STANLEY X.

Partners That Are Part of Building a Better Future

Guided by lean startup principles, we both launch internal “think tank” incubators as well as collaborate with an external ecosystem.

Partners That Are Helping Make It Better

We look to companies, universities, venture capitalists and innovation accelerators, for example, to develop “the next best thing“ for our customers.

Partners That Are Empowering a Better Workforce

Shooting for the moon is ambitious. That’s why we embrace a culture where failure is an option – and the only way to learn and get it right the next time.

STANLEY X is all about building new sources of growth and innovation through internal startup incubation, ecosystem development and company partnerships.

Portrait of Michelle Bockman
Michelle Bockman
President, STANLEY X
Two people working in a manufacturing setting using DeepHow to create a training video for a machine

Trading Up

DeepHow: How Trade Skills Training Gets Done

A first of its kind in AI training, DeepHow digitally captures a lifetime of trade skills know-how to upskill the next gen.

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Whether you’re interested in joining our team or collaborating on the next best thing, we look forward to hearing from you.