Human Resources - Véronique Vandenheuvel

Véronique Vandenheuvel
HR Manager
Mechelen, Belgium


Véronique is an optimist by nature, and she uses that attitude each day in her job within our Human Resources group, where she supports our STANLEY Security business, helping develop leaders, support employees, launch global and local initiatives and improve systems for personal development of employees.

One of the things she likes about Stanley Black & Decker is the opportunity to move forward, as well as take on new initiatives. She’s done that a number of times, including taking a leadership role mentoring other women within the company.

"I was proud to be part of the first mentoring program for women in Stanley Black & Decker in Belgium," she said. "There are still too few women in key positions in companies across the world. The diversity we as women bring is exactly our added value. I appreciate working for a company that gets this."

How does she know? Véronique said when she was first hired at STANLEY Security, she was almost five months pregnant with her second child.

"Even though my management knew I was about to be on maternity leave for months, just a few months after starting, they hired me anyway because they believed in me and what I had to offer," she said. "Stanley Black & Decker talks a lot about Diversity & Inclusion, but they are also walking the walk! I’m proud to work for this company."