Human Resources - Amy Prior

Amy Prior
Director, HR & Talent Global Security
STANLEY Security


As a natural people person, Amy Prior could have taken any number of career paths. Fortunately, she had the insight and life experience to know that the human resources field was where she wanted to be. Looking back, Amy can say with confidence that it was the right choice for her.

"My early career was in sales and customer services. I knew I loved working and connecting with people; however, in my early 20s, I wanted a change. I loved the people element of work, but I felt a desire to support employees, rather than external customers. So, I went back to night school to do my first HR qualification, and I have been in HR ever since!"

Amy’s rise to a director-level position can be attributed to a lot of hard work, lifelong learning and a continued love for the field. Working out the UK office of STANLEY® Security—the world’s second largest electronic security company—Amy leads the charge of recruiting and retaining top talent in a highly competitive high-tech space.

"I am incredibly passionate about our employees and our business. I was a Generalist HR Manager for around seven years, and then I got an opportunity to specialize in talent management, and that changed my perspective and really ignited my passion to engage, develop and transform work culture through our people. I work with the most incredible HR team at STANLEY® Security and feel so lucky to be able to focus on our people to help drive and deliver change and improve our business. We operate in an incredibly fast-paced environment, and I thrive at that pace and being able to contribute, knowing my impact."

What makes Stanley Black & Decker a particularly good fit…

"At Stanley Black & Decker, I’m able to bring my true self to work which for me is all about curiosity and connection. It is incredibly collaborative and welcoming, and our people are fantastic. Also, there are so many opportunities I am never bored!"