Engineering - Daniel White

Daniel White
Innovation Leader
Towson, Maryland


Dan says he wakes up every day thinking about how he can make customers who use our products more productive.

"It takes a lot of work to find the next thing to help our users, but when you place a product in their hands and they respond back to you with a comment about how this will make their lives so much better, it is pretty awesome," Dan said. "The late nights in the lab and at technology conferences all become worth it."

Dan says he’s succeeded in his work because of one characteristic.

"I like to finish what I start," he said. "Whether I’m building a new deck on my house or implementing the latest technology into our tools for our customers, I cannot stop until it’s done and done right. Then I can go home and relax on my new deck!"

Dan’s career path started with electromechanical engineering, where he learned a variety of product development skills. He then went into a role that taught him how to pull out the users’ needs and build a product for them.

Now, he’s part of our Breakthrough Innovation team, looking to build capabilities in some of our product areas that haven’t typically had a focus on innovation.

"I find that’s usually when a spark happens – when you clash two things together that don’t often touch, it has a higher probability to yield something new and innovative," he said. "In this case, I am pushing electronics and user needs together with highly engineered hand tools, storage and accessories. What do you think is going to be the outcome?"

So what does he like best about his job as the lead for the Breakthrough Innovation team?

"It’s the coolest job in the world!" he said. "And that’s because we’re at the No. 1 tool company in the world working on the most cutting-edge technologies."