Customer Experience - Chrissy Robinson

Chrissy Robinson
Field Service Technician
New England Region


Chrissy grew up watching her grandfather and father work on houses, cars and household appliances, and was fascinated by the way the mechanical and electrical parts work together to make everyday life easier.

"I started working on cars and enjoyed it, but it was the same thing – one car in the shop and one car out," she said. "It was monotonous."

So she looked for something else – and found it at STANLEY Access Technologies, where she now works as a technician for our sliding doors.

"Being out in the field as a service tech puts me on the road. I get to interact with many different people and I go to different cities, sometimes different states, and I’m working and thinking on my feet," Chrissy said. "It adds an element of mystery that I truly enjoy. I like finding the issues, diagnosing and fixing them. There’s no greater feeling than when the customer is happy with the work you’ve done. I take great pride in this."

Chrissy still works on cars in her spare time, but it is doors that are her new fascination.

"Most people don’t think much about automatic doors. You just walk through it and you expect it to open when you approach," she said. "I’ve gained a new understanding and respect for these doors, which make life a little easier for everyone."