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SLP Alumni - Ruslana Frenkel

Ruslana Frenkel
Senior Analyst Investor Relations
Tenure at Stanley Black & Decker: 4 Years


Describe your SLP experience in one word.


What is your lasting impression of being an SLP?

When I started the SLP program I didn’t know what to expect. Nevertheless, the two years in the SLP program have been absolutely rewarding. You have an incredible opportunity to be a part of the larger SLP community, an elite group of future leaders and innovators. By being a part of the SLP Program you get to learn from the best in the department, function or business. People from other functions and at various management levels would engage you in various projects or activities which, in turn would expand on your skillset and enrich your experiences. The company and its leadership is committed to maximizing your experience and developing your talents and potential. All these combined, become your building blocks for a successful career within this organization.

What is one interesting fact about Stanley Black & Decker that people might not know?

Stanly Black & Decker employees are a very diverse population of professionals with various backgrounds from different states, countries, regions nonetheless, one thing we have in common is our drive to truly be “For Those Who Make The World”.

What was the highlight of your SLP experience?

My experience with the Stanly Black & Decker SLP program has been exceptionally positive and left life-long impressions. Not only I was able to rotate throughout various finance functions and learn from multitude of people but also travel around the USA and world, from Kentucky to the United Kingdom. I have met some wonderful people who I keep in touch professionally and personally. I learnt that merely doing your job is not satisfying enough! I have found out what my passions truly are. Prior to the SLP program I thought that I would like to be in one specific role, I have learnt about in school, for the rest of my professional career. However, the SLP program has broadened my horizons. I discovered that I would like to learn more about the company and, thus, would will be willing to try different roles and functions depending on the needs of the organization along with my professional aspirations. I discovered my passions for the Diversity and Inclusion groups within the company and how much I liked to get involved in these groups. There was so much to learn and such a limited time. Nonetheless, I used my time wisely and have enhanced my knowledge about the company, its businesses and products, its rhythms and what makes a successful leader. I have built the lasting connections that assist me in my everyday work post-SLP. I have also built a base of wonderful mentors and sponsors who have helped me with professional or personal advises along with the various career opportunities.

What is your advice for future SLPs?

You received a unique opportunity to rotate throughout the company and work for different managers and with various people with different backgrounds. Use that to your best effort and learn from these individuals. Ask a lot of right questions to learn about your job, function, business or corporate and how to excel in your job.

As an SLP associate you will also attend different trainings and meet leadership from all over the company globally. Use this opportunity to build your networks. Moreover, your SLP community consists of individuals with vast experiences; each of them will succeed in their fields and work with you throughout your professional career. These are your closest networks – build them, expand on them, use them!

You have an advantage to build your brand within the 2 years in the SLP program. Work hard to establish it. Trust me, your brand will be known throughout the company! This will be your base to a successful career!

And most importantly, have fun in this journey! Build long-lasting friendships and connections! And last, but not the least, don’t take any of your SLP experience for granted. Not everyone gets this exceptional chance to learn from incredibly intelligent and experienced professionals and meet the leadership from all over the company.


Stanley Black and Decker SLP program is a unique opportunity to learn from the best and become the best! Whether those are your peers, managers you work for, your coworkers, leadership who speaks to you at each of the SLP trainings, mentors you accumulate throughout rotations - all these people, collectively, are your best professors in the Leadership class you take at Stanly Black & Decker!