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SLP Alumni - Allie Valenti

Allie Valenti
Sr. Specialist, Environmental Affairs - Corporate
Tenure at SBD: 3 Years


Please comment on your experiences as a female working and finding success in your industry/function?

I have had opportunities to work with and for strong female role models in my career. They have really gone above and beyond to help my personal and professional development. I find that SBD’s culture is very conducive to bringing smart, driven women in leadership positions together to tackle a range of business challenges. I’m excited to be a part of this empowerment.

If you could go back and give yourself advice as a college student knowing what you know now, what would it be?

Be patient and don’t get discouraged if you’re not seeing results from your hard work right way. It’s great to be young and full of drive and positive energy, but it’s also easy to get frustrated. If you put in the hard work and stay the course, opportunities will arise. Also, don’t strive for perfection; the 80/20 rule will become your best friend.

What is one interesting fact about SBD that people might not know?

Since 1925, we have owned a hydropower plant in our home state of CT that provides enough clean, renewable energy to the grid to power a major manufacturing plant.

If you hadn't gone into your specific function, what other career path would you have taken?

I would have been a teacher. My mother is a teacher and I was always inspired by the impact I saw her have on her students.

What has been your biggest career risk?

Accepting a role in the broad field of EHS when my background was only environmental. The risk ended up paying off because learning the health and safety side of the business has made me a more well-rounded and well-informed professional.

How do you juggle personal and professional life without sacrificing one for the other?

I always make time for my own well-being so I have the will to tackle whatever comes my way. I also evaluate what’s important to me and what will help me achieve my goals. I make sure to put my time and energy into those things. We all should be strategic about how we spend our time.

What is your advice for someone aspiring to go into EHS?

Sustainability is a constantly evolving field. As sustainability professionals, we are always learning new things and relying on each other for best practices. Stay up to date with the news so you can prepare your business for what’s coming next.