Welding Training Provides A World Full of Opportunities

Welding Training Provides A World Full of Opportunities; “STANLEY Oil & Gas and CRC-Evans help local communities by providing the kids with a way out from the norm… showing them there are other options. And that means a lot to me.” – Giovanne Lopez


This Maker Month, we’re sharing stories of our employees who are making tremendous differences in their communities - like Giovanne Lopez.

A dedicated manager at STANLEY Oil & Gas, Giovanne helps to provide young engineers with opportunities to work with tools and learn new skills – empowering the next generation of makers and employees of the future.


Throughout his life, Giovanne learned the importance that education and advocacy can play in achieving a successful future. His personal challenges and experiences give him an appreciation of the enormous difference that welding training and encouragement can make to young people finding their way into the world of employment – particularly those in more remote or less affluent geographical areas.

“I struggled for seven years at minimum wage working odd jobs just so I could go to school because I knew that once I got to school, the benefits would be greater,” Giovanne said. “That kind of led me to educate people that ... there is more opportunity when you get an education.”

Giovanne said he’s thankful that STANLEY Oil & Gas regularly donates cutting-edge welding equipment and supplies to local high schools and technical colleges, together with instruction and training, allowing students to work hands on with real tools and operate machinery. This invaluable experience enables young people to deliver a quality job in their communities and provides them with future opportunities within the oil and gas industry that may never have been possible or available to them before.


“The instructors here are preparing them enough to get their foot in the door, not be afraid of the industry and then grow from there,” Giovanne said. “They’re helping our local communities.”

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