We See You – Thank You To The Caregivers Around the World

We See You – Thank You To The Caregivers Around the World; “Being a caregiver is challenging and emotional – being part of an organization that recognizes we all have a role to play in helping each other is something I can be very proud of.”


Following surgery, throughout her chemo and even as she endured radiation treatment for breast cancer, one thing stood out for Suzanne Foster: the caregivers who nurtured her back to health.

Suzanne has long advocated for improvements in the healthcare system, but it was her own cancer battle that gave her new perspective on the role of caregivers. When she joined STANLEY Healthcare, her mission became supporting and enabling caregivers to do their best work.

“An illness like cancer not only attacks your physical body, but it attacks your soul,” says Suzanne. “The challenge of taking care of the soul is one that you can’t do alone. The caregivers understood the difficult journey that I was on. To have that level of empathy for someone they’ve never met before… while providing trained medical care – that’s a special heart.”

“Having gone through the journey as a patient, what I underestimated about healthcare is that it’s not just about the technology,” she says. “It’s about the support of the caregivers. Healthcare comes down to how well caregivers perform and how they connect with patients.”

STANLEY Healthcare focuses on empowering caregivers by providing them with the technology, equipment and services they need to deliver excellent care.

“It’s about the support of the caregivers, how they perform and how well they connect with the patients,” says Suzanne. “The technology optimizes the environment in which they work, removing administrative tasks so they can spend more time with patients.”

In recognition and appreciation of caregivers all over the world – the ultimate unsung heroes – we thank you for your kindness and commitment to helping and looking after others.