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Transformation Through Technology: Proudly Sharing Ramana’s Story

Transformation Through Technology: Proudly Sharing Ramana’s Story; Innovation and sustainability live at the heart of our business strategy, and as responsible corporate citizens, we are continuously looking for ways to benefit people.


In everything we do, we are passionate about driving sustainable environmental change and driven to help make a difference to individuals and organizations around the world. We call this commitment ECOSMART™, and we use it to drive positive change throughout our operations.

In India, the livelihood of more than 500 million people depends on a sustainable water supply that is vital for agricultural irrigation. Approximately 25 million inefficient AC & Diesel pumps draw water from groundwater resources for this purpose. These water pumps consume nearly 20% of the total electricity generated in the country. They are also a source for millions of tons of CO2 pollution that has a disastrous impact on the environment.

Stanley Black & Decker has developed an alternative sustainable solution to meet India’s large agricultural challenge – a high efficiency solar pump that can consistently provide much-needed water to farmers across the country.

Ramana Gogula, Director of Innovation

We’re honored and humbled to have employees like Ramana Gogula, who saw an opportunity for our company to make a real difference through this social innovation. Working with a local farmer, Ramana customized a clean technology solution that combines Stanley Black & Decker’s core competency in brushless DC motors with solar power, to pump 100,000 liters of water a day into the farm.

“This innovation, that is so closely aligned with our purpose, has been immensely gratifying, as we see its potential for tremendous social impact”

Ramana Gogula

Our solar pump activation in India.

Today, a small farm that could only grow vegetables is harvesting 1,000 kg of nutrient-rich rice – in only 7 months! With consistent water supply from our Solar Pump, farmers across India can grow multiple crops in a year, helping to improve their quality of life and feed many more citizens across the country.

Our vision is to ultimately deliver a Solar Agricultural Platform, with a pump that not only enables affordable and efficient irrigation, but also integrates innovative technologies on the periphery, such as precision farming through IoT, drip irrigation, cold storage and off-grid energy.

A sustainable water supply is put in place.

The Clean Tech Pump was recently nominated for a Financial Times/International Finance Corporation Transformational Business Award for Achievement in Sustainable Development: Food, Water and Land. We are honored to see such a prestigious organization recognize the hard work and dedication that went into the development of this product. We see this as the first step in helping to “innovate with purpose.”

Watch Ramana’s story to see how it was done and why we believe this is only the first, of many world changing innovations, from Stanley Black & Decker.