Together We Are More

Together We Are More; Celebrating International Women's Day with our partners that share the same vision towards a more diverse and inclusive world.


We’re passionate about supporting individuals and teams who are tearing down barriers, rewriting the rulebooks and blazing a trail – making a significant difference for the next generations who will follow them. We believe in the philosophy that together we are more.

Sharing our vision for a more diverse and inclusive world, our partners FC Barcelona Femení soccer team, Nathalie McGloin, and Hailie Deegan are continuously challenging stereotypes and raising the game: not just in their respective sports, but as role models for the professional athletes who will follow in their paths.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we discover how the inspirational players in the FC Barcelona Femeni soccer team have broken down boundaries and are setting standards in women’s soccer. Through their positive actions and encouragement, this exceptional team is helping other young girls shun fear, feel empowered and realize their dreams.

Hailie Deegan and Nathalie McGloin share their ambitions for inclusivity in motorsport

Earlier, we shared a lively discussion between the highly successful, STANLEY-sponsored Nathalie McGloin and determined racing driver Hailie Deegan. In this interview with Ant Anstead, they share their ambitions and unleash their mission for inclusivity in motorsport. We also learn how their forthcoming plans will unlock potential and shape the future for disabled and female drivers – on and off the track.

Nathalie McGloin and Hailie Deegan discuss how they challenge stereotypes

We’re honored and proud to support these strong and inspiring sportswomen, who prove every day that as equals, we are more. As the ultimate pioneers and innovators in their field, they have tackled and overcome challenges to create their own opportunities, setting a positive precedent and representing a giant leap forward for diversity and inclusion. True champions of change.

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