Stanley Black & Decker is Featured in Upcoming “Modern Marvels: Machines” Episode Airing on The HISTORY® Channel

Catch DEWALT on Modern Marvels August 15th at 10/9c on The HISTORY Channel

Stanley Black & Decker announced today that the company’s iconic DEWALT tools will be the star of an upcoming “Modern Marvels: Machines” episode on The HISTORY Channel. The episode, part of the show’s season featuring modern machines airs Sunday, August 15 at 10/9c.

“What a humbling experience to see our signature black and yellow tools highlighted on The HISTORY Channel,” said Stanley Black & Decker CEO Jim Loree. “Stanley Black & Decker has a storied history, and we are proud to continue the legacy of producing high-quality, guaranteed tough DEWALT tools - more than 175 years later. We hope viewers enjoy getting to see a behind-the-scenes look at how we make the world’s best power tools.”

Modern Marvels: Machines, hosted by Adam Richman, celebrates the machines that continue to improve our lives and power the global economy. The series discovers how these incredible machines are made and what they create.

In Sunday’s episode, Richman explores the history of power tools, dating back to 1922 when Raymond DeWalt, a Pennsylvania inventor, perfected the first mechanical woodworking saw. Dubbed “The Wonder-Worker” its speed and accuracy transformed the lumber business, just in time for the United States to head into a construction boom. But it wasn’t until 1992 that the DEWALT company launched its first line of hand-held power tools, putting the portable power of creation into the hands of professional contractors and home-bound handy people.

Fast forward to today, DEWALT is one of the most admired brands in the Stanley Black & Decker portfolio. As the world’s largest tools and storage company, Stanley Black & Decker sells 50 tools every second and more than 1,000 new products are introduced each year, 45 of which are “world firsts.”

In the Modern Marvels episode, Richman visits the company’s Ft. Mill, South Carolina Manufacturing Facility to get an inside look at the production of DEWALT power tools. He discovers how the facility uses cutting edge technology to make cutting edge tools. Between robots, cobots (collaborative robots) and their 650 hard-working employees, a power tool comes off the production line every 30 seconds.

“Our employees have a tremendous sense of pride for what they do, but hosting The HISTORY Channel at our facility brought that to a new level,” said Stanley Black & Decker Plant Manager, Brendan Pidgeon. “Many people have misconceptions on what manufacturing looks like and we were proud to have the unique opportunity to showcase our highly digital and sustainable facility, as well as the dedicated employees of Stanley Black & Decker. Hopefully this episode gives the country a sneak peek to how rewarding a career in manufacturing can be.”


Help Us Find The Mystery Impact Driver #FindThatImpactDriver

The Ft. Mill Manufacturing Facility produces 80-100,000 units every week and sell the products online and in retail stores around the world. One of the highest volume tools in the facility is the DEWALT Impact Driver, making up nearly half of that weekly output. During the filming of this episode, Richman wanted to provide a personal touch for DEWALT fans. He took an Impact Driver off the production line before it went into packaging, and slid a note into the box, sharing how much he enjoyed making the product.

DEWALT is looking for that lucky customer that purchased this Impact Driver with the special note and wants to share in the excitement by sending them a DEWALT prize pack. Hint – you’re looking for a DCF887D2. If you are the recipient, post the personalized note from Adam Richman on our social channels, tagging @DEWALT, @HISTORY and #ModernMarvels. Follow the excitement using #FindThatImpactDriver.

Learn more about the show or view the episode after Sunday’s premiere