Racing for Miracles: Building a Journey of Pride

Racing for Miracles: Building a Journey of Pride; Stanley Black & Decker: Proudly supporting the makers, the dreamers and the fighters


For the 13th year running, Stanley Black & Decker, with our CRAFTSMAN® brand, proudly joined forces with Ace Hardware Foundation and Joe Gibbs Racing to raise awareness for Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) Hospitals.

This effort highlights the inspirational work CMN Hospitals perform every day of the year. The dedicated staff at each of the CMN facilities treat thousands of babies and young children with serious illnesses and injuries each week, providing vital, specialized care and support for the kids and their families.

This year, a very special group of kids from Niswonger Children’s Hospital shared their proudest moments with TV personality Richard Rawlings from Gas Monkey Garage, while helping to design a unique new paint scheme for the CRAFTSMAN No. 20 Toyota car. The car was driven by Erik Jones on Sunday, April 7 at Bristol Motor Speedway. This unique collaboration gave these courageous children an outlet to express their very own moments of pride, and a chance to bring their fantastic creative ideas to life to share with people around the globe.

“I think we’ll all be bursting with pride when we see Erik take to the tracks at Bristol in the car that this amazing team has designed – and to share their special creation with the world,” Richard said.

As part of the 13th Annual Racing for Miracles program, CRAFTSMAN donated $100,000 to the cause.

In advance of the race, Richard Rawlings and Erik Jones made a special visit to Niswonger Children’s Hospital to meet many of the patients currently receiving care at the facility, and to hear the inspiring stories and individual journeys of the children, their families and friends.

During this exciting visit, they also met up with the Kids’ Crew – a team of incredible young children who worked together with Richard and Joe Gibbs Racing professional car designer Kat to devise the brand new customized paint scheme for Erik’s race on April 7. This impressive design featured a one-of-a-kind Coat of Arms, combining the children’s creative concepts and symbolizes their personal moments of pride.

Richard Rawlings is honored to be part of the Racing for Miracles initiative.

“At a very young age, I discovered my aptitude for marketing, which ultimately helped me to realize my dreams later in life,” said Richard. “I want these courageous kids to feel the same excitement and sense of achievement that I experienced myself, and truly bring their passions, interests and ideas to life. Racing for Miracles is a fantastic opportunity to make this a reality for each and every one of these kids.”

The annual Racing for Miracles program has contributed more than $1M since its foundation to support member hospitals across the USA.

We’re so proud to play a part in raising awareness of the CMN Hospitals and the outstanding doctors, nurses and caregivers who are so dedicated to supporting these brave kids and their families through the year.

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