Performance with a Purpose

Performance with a Purpose; A truly inspiring athlete, Nathalie McGloin has cut through challenges in the face of adversity to achieve success in her motorsport career. STANLEY is proud to support Nathalie and her charity Spinal Track.


At just 16 years old, Nathalie McGloin was paralyzed from the chest down in a serious car accident. Through sheer resolve and personal determination, she transformed what could have been a life-shattering event into a life-changing opportunity.

“I have never given up on my ambitions, despite the setbacks I have experienced in my life. As a result, I have discovered that you can excel and achieve your goals when you are truly determined and focused, and I encourage anyone who faces a similar challenge in life to pursue their passion, however difficult.” - Nathalie McGloin

Nathalie became the world’s first, and only, female tetraplegic athlete to compete in car racing, regularly participating at the highest level against able-bodied racers.

In a mission to help others like her, Nathalie co-founded the charity Spinal Track. Through that charity, she provides disabled drivers the chance to enjoy the thrill of track racing. Nathalie is empowering disabled drivers to push boundaries and embrace the freedom and confidence that comes with true performance in action.

“The car signifies quite a big success story for me. A car is how I was injured, and a car is also how I’ve overcome my injury. With the STANLEY sponsorship, it’s about making a difference to other people by showing disabled drivers and female drivers that, in racing, ‘anything is possible’.” - Nathalie McGloin

Our STANLEY brand is a proud, committed sponsor of Nathalie and her organization. Nathalie truly makes the world more courageous.

"When I'm in my car, I'm me without my injury, because I have overcome it."
- Nathalie McGloin