Make Where We Sell: A Winning Strategy in the USA

Make Where We Sell: A Winning Strategy in the USA; Making where we sell makes sense. By supporting workers wherever we do business, we help to ensure the overall strength of our communities.


Stanley Black & Decker became the global leader in tools by building innovative solutions and tools for more than 175 years. All this time, innovation and excellence have been the cornerstones of our success, and we are proud to continue the tradition by developing and manufacturing the next generation of ground-breaking products and services to keep our customers working.

Part of our commitment to those who make, shape, build and protect our world, is making tools that are trusted by customers around the world to get the job done. This can be seen in our commitment to making our tools in the markets where we sell them. With 30 manufacturing plants across the USA, employing approximately 16,000 employees, we are committed to investing in people, processes and performance in the US, to deliver ultimate value and quality in everything we make here, using materials from around the globe. That commitment is evident year over year. Since 2015, we increased our number of manufacturing jobs in the US by 40%.

DEWALT®, a leading brand within Stanley Black & Decker operates seven US manufacturing facilities producing approximately 90 million individual products every year, using global materials. DEWALT employee, Derrick Seruga, has had the opportunity to develop his skills in-house at the brand’s South Carolina plant. With four years of experience in the role, he is building premium tools every day that he believes customers are honored to use.

“I’m very proud of the tools I produce. Because of what I do, customers are going to get a quality tool that they can be proud of. We put our heart and souls into every tool that goes out. To work here, you need to have a very positive attitude… you have to care about what you do.”

Derrick Seruga, DEWALT

“Made in the USA with global materials has helped everyone working here, giving job opportunities to people here in America. I think Americans feel proud using a tool that was built by Americans in America!” – Derrick Seruga, DEWALT

Construction professional, Dan Martin, has followed in his father’s footsteps in the construction industry, and has friends who work for the local DEWALT manufacturing plant. Dan has great confidence and belief in the tools that are engineered at the nearby facility.

“DEWALT has never let me down. They make the tools that we need to get our jobs done.”

Dan Martin, Construction Worker

As a visible seal of quality, each unit produced at the factory is allocated a “Made in the USA with Global Materials” label on completion, reinforcing its home-grown provenance, and most importantly, ensuring customers can depend on its authenticity. We source raw materials and components from around the world when they are either not available in the United States or not viable to purchase based on cost, quality or availability.

“It feels good for me to be an end user on the tools that they are building. The label ‘Made in the USA with Global Materials’ catches my eye – it makes you feel proud and makes you think of America.” – Dan Martin, Construction Worker

“Stanley Black & Decker operates approximately 30 manufacturing facilities across America and we are proud to be opening further establishments, reinforcing our long-standing commitment to making in America, and continuing our five-year trajectory of opening and expanding U.S.-based manufacturing and distribution facilities. This is a record that no other tool company can match.”

Jeff Ansell, President, Global Tools & Storage at Stanley Black & Decker

Making where we sell makes sense. By supporting workers wherever we do business, we help to ensure the overall strength of our communities.


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