Developing Breakthrough Innovation for the Jobsite of the Future

Frank Mannarino, President, Power Tools & Equipment, Global Tools & Storage


Innovation has been an essential driver in the growth and success of our business for many decades. It is embedded in our DNA, and our brands are recognized for being ahead of the curve when it comes to outstanding product development and smart, ground-breaking advancements. We push the boundaries of what is possible, and have created a powerful culture of breakthrough innovation, with teams across our enterprise collaborating to invent unique solutions that disrupt and redefine traditional market.

This has always been a driving factor for DEWALT®. We are proud to say we have a long and rich history of developing professional solutions that focus entirely on the needs of our customers, finding new answers to the toughest problems. DEWALT’s cutting-edge products are designed to transform and enhance the user experience, from helping to increase productivity, to making the jobsite safer.

"The Breakthrough Team really allowed us to unleash the full potential of innovation. That’s how FLEXVOLT® was born.”
– Frank Mannarino, President, Power Tools & Equipment, Global Tools & Storage

With its mission to relentlessly pursue the cordless jobsite, DEWALT created the FLEXVOLT® system, a game-changing power tool and battery system that harnesses the power of corded, combined with the freedom and flexibility of cordless. The most advanced cordless solution ever from DEWALT, the FLEXVOLT® system includes the world’s first battery pack that automatically changes voltage when the user changes tools. An undeniable advantage for the professional user – and a true revolution for the jobsite of the future.

“The power we can generate with the DEWALT FLEXVOLT® battery pack can change the industry. We believe we’ll be able to take the entire jobsite cordless.”
– Frank Mannarino