Creating Better Experiences for Patients and Caregivers

Creating Better Experiences for Patients and Caregivers; Kara Harmon, Nurse Manager, Florida Hospital, Florida, USA

For Those Who Heal the World

How nurses and staff work has demonstrable impact on how patients fare and heal. We’ve made their jobs easier and more efficient at Florida Hospital’s state-of-the-art Celebration Health Campus. Patient flow and efficiency in the operating room has been dramatically improved by STANLEY Healthcare advanced solutions. This has improved people’s lives, from the nurses and staff in their daily work, to the patients, to the families waiting to hear how the surgery has gone.

Florida Hospital is a leader in healthcare innovation and a longstanding strategic alliance partner of STANLEY Healthcare. For its Celebration Health campus, a state of the art facility with 11 operating theaters and 14 post-anesthesia care units, we deployed our AeroScout Patient Flow solution and MobileView Analytics. The results were phenomenal. Post-operative wait times reduced by an average of 24 minutes. Our clarity and visibility solutions also had the effect of reducing staff communications by 75 percent. Now, patient status and location are tracked, shared and posted electronically using RTLS wireless tags worn by the patients. Real-time analytics help make time and personnel management more on point.

“The STANLEY AeroScout system improves the patient’s experience and the family’s experience here at our hospital by decreasing their stress.  The system allows a family member to locate their loved one throughout the surgical process.” - Kara Harmon

As with Celebration Health, we are becoming part of the solutions ecosystem for hospitals and senior living organizations worldwide, optimizing workflows to give caregivers more time to focus on patients while helping providers increase efficiency to decrease the cost of healthcare—all in the interest of advancing the quality of care and improving outcomes.

"The STANLEY AeroScout system has allowed me to have more time with the patients and makes my life much easier on a daily basis.” - Kara Harmon