Building an Inclusive Workplace for a Better Future

Building an Inclusive Workplace for a Better Future; Chris Cannon, Product Manager & Member, African Ancestry Network


At Stanley Black & Decker, we share a unique set of values across our global organization, reflecting our commitment to excellence, innovation and social responsibility.

We embrace and respect differences – and diversity and inclusion are embedded into our company values and purpose.

Through our growing diversity & inclusion initiatives, including our employee networks, we’re continuing to break boundaries, building and enhancing this united message about inclusion, engagement and innovation all around the world.

Celebrating and engaging people from all walks of life, we have five existing employee networks across more than 25 locations – all bringing employees together to connect and collaborate, to engage one another across the globe, and to support the communities in which they form.

"It's often overlooked how much you can gain from learning from someone else's perspective and where they come from." - Chris Cannon

These networks represent all-inclusive, forward thinking groups, which reinforce positive change and learning, and contribute to improving our future in individual ways. Each one is making a significant impact by giving back to local communities, building a better tomorrow for them through organized programs and projects.

People are our single greatest asset, and with this diverse philosophy and thinking, we encourage and empower our associates to cut through challenges – to create opportunities for success, whatever their location, their background or their role in the business.

"Diversity in the workplace challenges thought... If people have a fearless approach based on our message of diversity and inclusion, I think the company really has an opportunity to impact change in a very, very positive manner." – Chris Cannon