Breaking Barriers in the Construction Industry: Sharing Melody’s Story

Breaking Barriers in the Construction Industry: Sharing Melody’s Story; Melody collaborates with customers and the internal DEWALT® teams, with the purpose of improving efficiencies and streamlining practices within the construction industry.


“This innovation, that is so closely aligned with our purpose, has been immensely gratifying, as we see its potential for tremendous social impact.”

Melody Rose

Last year, women made up less than 10% of the construction workforce in the United States. In a field dominated by men, it can be challenging for a woman to break through. But Melody Rose is overcoming that challenge.

As the first member of her family to graduate college, Melody is positioning herself as a valuable member of the DEWALT® team.

As part of her role, Melody collaborates with her customers and the internal DEWALT teams, with the purpose of improving efficiencies and streamlining practices within the construction industry.

“We’re shaking up the industry right now... finding efficiencies on the jobsite that the client doesn’t even know about.” - Melody Rose

Melody is working with individual clients to develop a more connected jobsite, to enhance efficiency and help modernize their processes.

“We’re helping to extend what they already have in their office. We work closely with the client to help figure out what their issues are, and really understand their needs and help streamline their industry.”

Melody Rose

Together, they are bringing innovation directly to the jobsite.

Bryton Schroeder, Assistant Superintendent, PCL Construction, believes the partnership – and particularly this cooperative way of working – is already reaping rewards. “Melody understands the needs that we have, and being able to make it as easy as they did for us... in construction, that’s hard to come by,” said Bryton.

“Collaboration is key. I get to go on site to work with these clients and take the unknown and make it known.”
– Melody Rose

Shane Swenson, District Systems Administrator – Minneapolis at PCL Construction is a strong advocate of working collaboratively to drive progress, innovation and on-site productivity. “We need to have those strong relationships to make sure we are delivering exactly what we need on the jobsite,” said Shane.

“I’m that link between the customer and our team to help innovate and create a better product. It’s very exciting to be a part of.” - Melody Rose

Without employees like Melody Rose, who push boundaries and challenge the status quo, DEWALT would never be able to bring improvements and innovations to an ever-changing field like construction.

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