Birds on Broadway in NYC - Empowering Makers to Create a More Sustainable World

“Through this project, I get to give back to New York City,” said Nicolas Holiber. “It’s a huge sense of pride.”


“Hey, I’m an artist.”

Those simple words are how Nicolas Holiber might introduce himself to you. But they don’t begin to convey the impact of his latest project – a public outdoor art exhibition of 12 larger-than-life bird sculptures in New York City, highlighting the threats of climate change.

Nicolas is using only recycled or reclaimed wood to create the birds, which are all native to New York City or pass through the five boroughs on their migration routes. And they are just some of the more than 300 species that are expected to be imperilled over the coming decade because of climate change.


“The more young people who see this, the better,” Nicolas said. “If an eight-year-old child looks at one of my sculptures and learns about climate change, and it stays with them for 15 years, that’s success.”

The exhibition will stretch along more than 100 blocks down Broadway, between 64th Street and 166th Street. Nicolas, who is supported by Stanley Black & Decker, is using the DEWALT Tools Brand. He chose to work with 12 birds that are beautiful, diverse, and will be powerful ambassadors for the hundreds of other species that face an uncertain future.

“Recycled materials play a very important part in my work,” he said. “When things are dented or scratched they already have a history written into them. That’s why I really fell in love with working with recycled materials. Wood does weather and change and take on the effects of the climate.”

A completely self-taught artist, Nicolas is also using his talents to empower new generations. He’s teaching budding young artists, encouraging them to innovate, create and learn new skills hands-on in the workshop.

“There’s no right or wrong way to do things,” he said. “Failing is OK. It’s a learning process and it’s only going to make it better.”

Nicolas is a Brooklyn-based artist, so he said this project is particularly powerful as it gives him the chance to draw attention to climate change while creating beauty in his backyard.

Birds on Broadway is an eight-month exhibition that will debut in Manhattan in May 2019.

Stanley Black & Decker supports Nicolas in his commitment to inspire makers, creators and innovators to thrive in a changing world as well as create a more sustainable world.