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Providing over 17,000 hospitals, health systems and senior care organizations with visibility solutions and analytics to advance the quality of care. From infants to geriatrics, from acute to post-acute facilities, from independent to assisted living to long-term care communities, STANLEY Healthcare is there.

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Hospital & Healthcare Services

We protect the most valuable items in the world’s most advanced medical facilities. Whether that means your elderly father, critical drugs and equipment, or your newborn daughter, we’re there with the solution to keep them safe, to store them, and to track them.

Every day, thousands of hospitals and senior care facilities worldwide rely on us to deliver better care and improve efficiency. What’s more, we specialize in tools and processes that make hospitals and other healthcare providers faster and more efficient, enabling caregivers to focus on what’s important—improving patient outcomes.

Building on our years of experience in healthcare, and our legacy of quality and innovation, we remain committed to our most important job—keeping what’s most valuable to you safe and secure at all times.