At Stanley Black & Decker, our commitment to our communities goes back hundreds of years. We’ve long supported the institutions and organizations that have supported us, and we pledge to maintain that commitment into the future. 

We were founded by men who helped establish, build, and grow their communities, and we’ve populated our company with people who share the idea that the vitality of our community is crucial to our success as a company.

We’ve built homes around the world. We’ve helped students learn high-paying skills. We’ve rebuilt devastated cities and we’ve strengthened communities in times of need.

We partner with rigorously vetted, world-class local, national, and global organizations to affect positive change throughout the world.

Our Stanley Black & Decker Citizenship Program operates in two ways:

  1. We believe in our associates’ ability to direct their giving in the manner that is closest to their hearts, and we fully support their giving with a 100% matching gifts program. (To obtain a matching gifts form, read about the guidelines, or get in touch with someone regarding the program, please click here.)
  2. We believe in directly supporting causes that adhere closely to our business operations and seek to better the world in which we live in the same or similar ways as Stanley Black & Decker itself. Specifically:
  • Affordable housing construction, reconstruction, and rehabilitation
  • Technical, vocational, mathematics, science, and engineering education
  • Hospitals and select healthcare-related charities
  • Organizations with particularly compelling impact in areas where Stanley Black & Decker maintains a significant population of employees

If your organization falls in to one of the four categories above, corporatecontributions [at] stanleyworks [dot] com (click here to request a grant).