Developing Breakthrough Innovation for the Jobsite of the Future

Innovation has been an essential driver in the growth and success of our business for many decades. It is embedded in our DNA, and our brands are recognized for being ahead of the curve when it comes to outstanding product development and smart, ground-breaking advancements. We push the boundaries of what is possible, and have created a powerful culture of breakthrough innovation, with teams across our enterprise collaborating to invent unique solutions that disrupt and redefine traditional market.

Helping Automakers Meet the Challenge of Lightweighting Vehicles

For years, automakers have been pursuing ways to take weight out of the vehicle—seeking lower emissions and higher mileage without sacrificing safety, reliability or the joy of driving. STANLEY Engineered Fastening remains at the forefront of delivering collaborative, innovative solutions to joining and securing lightweight materials and systems—while incorporating the benefits of our ECOSMART™ thinking. We are involved from the outset, years before the vehicle hits the road.

Building a Culture of Advancement for Women’s Leadership in India


Sunita Pattnayak joined Stanley Black & Decker in Bangalore, as an experienced hire. She brought exactly the kind of can-do, self-starting spirit we look for—a person driven to improve the world around her and to help others do the same. When Sunita arrived, there was no formal network for women within the company. She took it upon herself to create one.