At Stanley Black & Decker, we are ECOSMART.

We work, design, manufacture, market, sell and transport our products with sustainability at the forefront of our minds. Because we know that our world is only as strong as the work we do to make it better every day.

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At Stanley Black & Decker we are ECOSMART™. This means that we are committed to improving the sustainability of our operations, our products, our communities, our suppliers and our customers. Moreover, it means that we are vigilant about our sustainability initiatives, and that we place a priority on maintaining an open dialogue with all of our stakeholders.

ECOSMART™ emphasizes our commitment to a sustainable future and aligns with the Stanley Fulfillment System, ensuring that our products with sustainable attributes maximize their business attributes, as well.

We embed ECOSMART™ thinking into everything that we do.

Our ECOSMART™ advantage is advancing global stewardship principles across our entire value chain.

Since 2010, we've been listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability North American Index in the IEQ Machinery and Electrical Equipment category. The Dow Jones Sustainability North America Index tracks the performance of the top 20% of the 600 largest Canadian and United States companies in the S&P  Global Broad Market Index that lead the field in terms of sustainability.

We also achieved the highest attainable score on both the Climate Disclosure Leadership Index and the Climate Performance Leadership Index of the Carbon Disclosure Project. The  Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) works with shareholders and corporations to disclose the greenhouse gas emissions of major corporations.

Using ECOSMART™ as our vehicle, we will reinforce our position as a sustainable business leader and increase our shareholder value by maximizing our revenues, minimizing our costs and business risks, and protecting our brands.

“ECOSMART™. How we work, operate, design, manufacture, market, sell and transport our products with sustainability in mind. It is a competitive differentiator.”

– Jim Loree, President & CEO, Stanley Black & Decker

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