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Our Commitment

The Stanley Fulfillment System is our commitment to putting our customers at the heart of everything we do. The word “fulfillment” means that we are 100% committed to exceeding our customers demands and expectation every day. We do this by becoming smarter, simpler, faster and easier to do business with.

Every day, we challenge ourselves to deliver breakthrough customer value, and that comes in the form of innovation, service and speed. SFS is our competitive advantage, the core of our culture of continual improvement, and a relentless force for operational excellence and profitable growth.

Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) is a dynamic and continuous unified process that links and balances supply and demand in a manner that produces world-class fill rates while minimizing DSI (Days Sales of Inventory).

Operational Lean is the systemic application of lean principles in progressive steps throughout the enterprise to optimize flow toward a pre-defined end state by eliminating waste, increasing efficiency and driving value.

Complexity Reduction is a focused and overt effort to eradicate costly and unnecessary complexity from our products, supply chain and back room process and organizations. Complexity reduction enables all other SFS elements and, when successfully deployed, results in world-class cost, speed of execution and customer satisfaction.

Global Supply Management focuses on strategically leveraging the Company's scale to achieve the best possible price and payment terms with the best possible quality, service and delivery among all categories of spend.

Order-to-Cash Excellence is a methodical, process-based approach that provides a user-friendly, automated and error-proof customer experience from intent-to-purchase to shipping and billing to payment, while minimizing cash collection cycle time and DSO (Days Sales Outstanding).

Common Platforms are an essential component of leveraging technology to facilitate organic growth and integration of acquired companies. We develop standardized business processes and system platforms to reduce costs and provide scalability.