Building a Better Tomorrow.

Every day, we make an impact in communities around the world. And it’s not just the homes we help build with our tools, or the schools we protect with our security systems. It’s also a commitment to stepping up and bettering our communities.

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At Stanley Black & Decker, our commitment to our communities goes back hundreds of years. With our time, our tools and our monetary support, we've long supported the institutions and organizations that make the world a better place and we pledge to maintain that commitment into the future.

We've built homes around the world. We've helped students learn high-paying skills. We've rebuilt devastated cities. And we've strengthened communities in times of need.

Our direct Corporate Citizenship giving program supports organizations that fall under specific criteria, tying ourselves to causes that are inherently cohesive with our businesses, and integrating charitable work with our brand identity.

We’re committed to building a better tomorrow. Here’s how:

We Build Homes.

We support the construction of safe, decent, and affordable housing for those in need.

We Build Skills.

We encourage math, science, engineering, and technical education.

We Build Miracles.

We assist in safety, security, and operating support for medical institutions, particularly children's hospitals.

We Rebuild Communities.

We support emergency and disaster relief services around the world.

We Build Pride.

We provide veteran support to thank those who have served our country.

If you believe that your non-profit should be considered for support and falls within the criteria above, please fill out this grant application and mail it to the appropriate location.