For 175 years, Stanley Black & Decker has grown, transformed and helped people revolutionize the world. Times change. Our purpose hasn’t.

Innovation, performance and responsibility have always driven our success.


Below, see how these stories of innovation, performance and responsibility continue to inspire us 175 years later.

See how we’ve given back.
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Did You Know?

“In 1879, Stanley Works directors authorized the installation of electric lights at their factory in New Britain, Connecticut. They used the new technology a full six years before the town of New Britain installed its own electric lights.”
“In 1939, The Stanley Works put together a mobile sales unit with hundreds of products to visit hardware stores across the country. In 1949, Stanley upgraded to a fleet of coaches, each carrying more than 1,300 products.”
“In 1869, Stanley Rule & Level Company purchased the rights and machinery to produce the Bailey plane and other products. The plane became a staple and are still sold today.”
“William H. Hart became the first non-Stanley to serve as president of The Stanley Works, serving from 1884 until 1915. He introduced many cost-cutting techniques, increased efficiency, and grew the business swiftly.”
“Frederick T. Stanley, founder of The Stanley Works, brought gas lighting to New Britain, Connecticut, in 1855. He also designed the town’s water works, which began operation in 1857.”
“Frederick T. Stanley, founder of The Stanley Works, was the first warden of New Britain, Connecticut following its incorporation as an independent town in 1850. He was also the first mayor when it became a city in 1871.”
“Movie star, Colleen Moore’s dream dollhouse took seven years to build. When it was finished in 1935, more than 100 people had worked on it using Craftsman tools and was worth $500,000.”
“In 1989, U.S. Army officer Kenneth Carrick used Craftsman hammers and screwdrivers to help tear down the Berlin Wall.”
“President Jimmy Carter received a complete set of Craftsman woodworking tools as his farewell gift from his staff when he left the White House for the last time in 1981.”
“Black & Decker displayed models of home workshops in the “House of Good Taste” exhibit at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York.”

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